Reprinted from September 1996, M.I.C.R.O. Scope, The Newsletter
of The Mile High Computer Resource Organization Denver, Colorado

Volume XII No 11

"My Favorite Boards"
by Joe Draganosky

Are you tired of paying your internet provider for busy signals?
Do you wish the hoopla about surfing the net would die down? Is
there a gnawing sense of despair in the pit of your stomach when
you realize that you will probably never have your own web page?
And do some of you feel homeless because you don't even have an
E-mail address?

Relax. It's just another rat race. Your spot in the pecking
order really doesn't depend on how often you are online. But
if your fingers get twitchy when you're staring at the welcome
page of your comm program, there are alternatives and they only
cost a dime.

Denver is awash in BBS's. Most are OK, some downright lousy, and
others stimulating enough to call as often as the urge strikes.
In statistics this idea is called the bell shaped curve. I'm
going to review the 1% of BBS's that to me stand apart enough to
offer something significant. My criteria are simple; the phone
call must be in the Denver area; the sysop must be conscientious;
use of the BBS is free; and finally, there has to be something
unusual about the board that invites you to call. Our club's BBS
is included in this list and we all know what a great job Jim
Kochmann has been doing for all these years. Here are a few of
my other favorite boards, in no particular order.

Press to test... <click>... release to detonate...

Dynamite BBS

Dynamite runs Renegade software multi-line on a 486 DX2 80 mhz. You can
call and have instant access to everything without upload/download ratio's,
posting quotas, or hassels; you don't even have to give your mother's
maiden name. The entire Fidonet, Seeknet, and Fishnet networks with
over 400 message bases are carried. In addition, there is an A.A.
sobriety meeting area, World News and Reports, and Worldwide Netmail.
If you're a gamer, you will enjoy the active online registered games
like Trade Wars 2002, Barren Realms Elite, Dragon's Claw, Dr. Dread,
and LORD. This is a ASP approved board. There is 4 gigs of files, all
1994 or newer, and a adult area. Dynamite offers a rich variety,
all in mellow, well-maintained atmosphere. I like to hang out here. is a take off of Dynamite, it's only fitting that one of the best
boards in the Denver area eventually ended up with the domain names, and These domains will never
be for sale, like the hobby of bbsing the internet was ment to be free.

We where there when Stryker wrote the first version of Majorbbs, when Cott Lang coded Renegade and Roland DeGraf wrote Virtual BBS... is dedicated to every user, sysop and programmer that made BBSing what it was and what it was to be.

Like it once was said, I already have a remote for my TV, the mouse
now is what the remote is to a TV.  Dotcomers or so they say
for the most part all cut their teeth on bbs systems. They just didn't
appear one day, no more than many of the major portals came simply
out of the blue...

It started as a bbs system and so it grew...

In 1978 CBBS was the first bulletin board system created, the first online community in cyberspace. Do you remember the internet back then? Neither do we...

If it existed it was on a military scale, possibly educational to name a few
but what you enjoy now as the internet is actually in reality how the hobby
grew... Graphics then where Ansi/Ascii to name a few, now they are simply
Html/Xhtml to rename them to something new.. It's all the same, just a different name...

Not to mention the only thing that came in a can was called "Spam"..., comes out of years of experience online, programming skills in communications applications, exhaustive research in both avenues bulletin board systems and the internet.

Welcome to,

The hobby that started it all