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Call Back Verifier,

Today when you sign up for a email account, even for a message board the system asks you to verify your information by sending you a email. When you recieve the email you click on a link to verify basically the IP address's match and that you actually are who you said you where in the first place. You are prompted usually for your username and password after that your verified and all functions are a go.

A call back verifier was used with bulletin board systems, this was similiar as in today except for the fact the bulletin board system usually after signup required the user
to accept a return phone call from the bbs system. The users phone would ring and the the user would hit "ATA" for answer on their terminal screen the connection would be completed and then the prompts would come up for entering you user name and password. After entering the required information all systems once again where a go...

In some instances the user was returned to the bbs system depending if it was a local call and continued on otherwise the user was disconnect and forced to call the bulletin board system back.

Some bulletin board systems this was a built in feature and on others this was a external door application.

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