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Welcome to BBSing.com, the hobby that started it all...
CodeDude: Cool Site, Tell me more about the hobby that started it all.
SassyGirl: I used to live on bulletin board systems it was my life...
Wheelie: The online games where the best, it was awesome I loved Trade Wars 2002
ZipperHead: Heck no, Chat was the thing you got to meet other people online
LaughsALot: I think the shareware was the most awesome part!
LaughsALot jumps up and down in pure excitement...
I think the sence of community was the neatest thing...
Connect: Nah, the GT's that was the blast!
EliteOne: The underground, zines that's the where it was at dude!
EliteOne gives Connect a big hug...
The learning about programming, computers that was the best part!
That's what it was all about, BBSing the hobby that started it all...
Kaboom grins at everyone...
Geek: Atleast someone remember's the past...

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BBS Chat,

Chat was invented for Bulletin Board Systems, basically how it started with with a door program that read a drop file. That all users in the chat read that was added to on a constant basis and regularly updated and displayed on their connection while connect to chat program.

Realtime chat on the other hand was in pure realtime basically done through polling of ports and the conversation was
in realtime. The other user was even able to over type the other user creating a complete realtime chat.

The best example of realtime chat was done by Majorbbs and Worldgroup by Galacticomm.

When you chat on a major portal today,
it's basically the same idea just a few more loops and hoops to jump through.

The commands used today even the actions where created by bulletin board systems.

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the BBS Xchange

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