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BBS Email,

Electronic Mail, or now so commonly called Email was created by both the Internet and BBSing, another case
of the chicken or the egg...

One can say, that the Internet might have had it first but the first public use is still only used by BBSing, meaning unless you where a scientist or educational pioneer maybe part of a the department of defense then email is coined and will always be coined to the hobby of BBSing...

It didn't start with the department of defense no more than it started with the educational pioneers it started with the hobby that started it all on a public basis...
From: Kaboom

Subject: Welcome to BBSing.com,

For all that want to know where it all started, look no
farther than the hobby of BBSing.

CBBS was created in 1978 creating the virst virtual messaging system to the public.

The Internet went public, in the year of 1995...

Even your major dialups, portals didn't exist back then...


the BBS Xchange
the BBS Xchange