BBS Mail Tossers,

Bulletin Boards that used netmail and echomail used what was called a mail tosser program some came with them built into the software.

The mail tosser basically was a application that sorted mail to the various message areas during inbound mail events. On the other hand, during scheduled events the mail tosser program would run and check all message areas for waiting outbound mail and process them into packets. The process also seperated mail by node or echomail conference since many systems had more than one echomail conference.

The front door would then call out to the hub and send the outbound mail to the hub.
GEcho V1.0
GEcho is a very advanced FTSC-compatible one pass echomail and netmail processor for the Hudson and *.MSG message bases. It uses ECHOMAIL.BBS and NETMAIL.BBS, simultaneously exports both netmail and echomail, unpacks compressed mail files, tosses and forwards inbound mail,  imports netmail, routes and packs outbound netmail, processes and forwards AreaFix requests, and compresses the created outbound mail packets, all in one single pass.

Download GE_100.ZIP

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the BBS Xchange