BBS Sysop,

Sysop stands for system operator, in the hobby of bbsing these where the people that ran the bulletin board systems. They set the theme's, created the menus and the atmosphere that ran the online communities.

If it wasn't for them you would have the portals you click on today they wouldn't exist because these where the people that set the pace. They created the community and the the networks that today are common place. Some blew the doors off the hobby with more than 250 in coming lines that even when a user tried to dial in, they where busy all the time. Redial was a word so commonly heard back then, eventually you would get online.

The word Sysop back then ment they knew more than the average user, we'll lets say the ones with the boards that flew. Some where hobbist, capital venture started then to.

Sysop's started the online games now known as common place...

Sysop's where often the high tech's on computers, when their users had problems with their computers these where the doctors they went to... Generally, they didn't need to get out their check book like the many online now do...

the BBS Xchange
the BBS Xchange