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What was the BBS underground?

Unfortunately, with the advent of the Internet it has taken on a whole new light...Lets blow out the candles and speak in terms anyone can understand... What you see today online or references being made towards gambling, securities fraud, identity theft, worms to name a few... This is the internet, not the hobby of BBSing...

Back in the day there was hackers, crackers and phreakers to name a few...It was real rare for someone to knock down a bulletin board system, when the internet came along it brought on a whole new breed of problems, some created and some brand new... Some so far blown out of proportion by a very few...

BBSing, this is where the names where coined...

This is where the hobby of BBSing and the Internet part ways, what you have today is where the Internet, started it all...
In a time and a place, in the BBS world as they say...

Elite (31it3, l33t)
- Arrogance was of the nature, they didn't care if there was a point
to be made... they would make it... These are the best, they where coined "Elite"
not by a toss of a coin but by the knowledge they had, the things they could do...
Righteous was the name... It was a moto all the same... They had no need for a Pedigree...

Hackers - A quest for knowledge, a hidden way... Out of the shadows they came,
looking for more, taking on the machine and the ones behind the scenes. To prove a point, to show their skills... Putting operating systems to the test, and showing in reality who's better the man or the machine.

Script Kiddies - With the Internet bubbling through the roof like a hot air balloon,
they where born out of a need to be...

White Hats - These are Hackers "ankle bitters" once again, these are the ones
like your best friend... On a toss of a dime, would stab you in the back
or as they
could be called "pretend to be's..."

Black Hats - They hide in the shadows without a need for a name if they surface
they have a agenda, it's all their own game...

Phreakers - They had a mission it was the phone companies, as they say, "call
someone who cares". These are the ones that didn't want to pay the dime...

Crackers - These are the ones that invented the name Warez, they didn't want
to have to buy anything... They carried the bolt cutters, they had no need for
a locksmith... They wrote the book...

Virus Coders -  Destruction was the motive, a challenge was the name... In reality
these are by far the worst of any name given in the Underground, these are held
a part... totally unique... and rarely seen...

the BBS Xchange
the BBS Xchange

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