BBS Users,

In the era of BBSing, the users where unique from all back grounds and all walks of life.The original users shall we say typed back and forth then because they where deaf, these where the ones that set the hobby on its way.Afterwords generally it was a spoken word they tossed the television a side an wanted to learn more.They had a passion for computers more than the user of today, they had to back then MS Dos was a word not so commonly heard today.

Some created the major portals and browsers you now use today, while others created the virus scanners and other applications that are now common place. Some always where classified as users, while others stumbled into the underground with various unique names.

They stumble from all walks of life, some with IQ's that would make the test obsolute. Many tossed in with a curiosity or a passion for computers by others they met along the way. There was no race, there was no creed these where the original users that created what now is called cyberspace.

In many cases they became a part of a virtual world, a virtual game to many of the gamers of the day that they became more absorbed in, than life.

In any case they came from all walks of life, the numbers tossed through out the years in the United States alone there was more than one million users.

The original ones though usually set the pace... On the Internet today, that word user is nothing of the kind it's so common place...
BBS Users a name forgotten as they say, the ones that can speak of the hobby of BBSing these are the ones that are not as they say," common place." If it wasn't for the users of yesterday, the Internet wouldn't now be so common of a place...

the BBS Xchange
the BBS Xchange