Virus Simulation Suite                  Written by Joe Hirst   
   British Computer Virus Research Centre     (Tel: 0273-26105)   
   12 Guildford Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 3LS, England   
                        (Tel: 0273-26105)                         
             Copyright (c) Joe Hirst 1988, 1989, 1990.            

These programs simulate the visual and aural effects of some of the PC viruses.

They are public service freeware, which means that they are provided as a
public service, and, although the copyright is retained, any person or company may use them for any legitimate purpose (commercial or otherwise).

The only restrictions are that users may not attempt to alter the programs,
and they may not state or imply that they have any exclusive rights to or
control over the programs.

All of these programs will check their own length before executing, and also
perform a checksum test for corruption.  If either of these tests fails the
program will refuse to execute.

These are TSR "Terminate Stay Resident Programs" used under MS DOS
and only are used as a demo of what the virus does as in a simulation of the virus itself.

Many of these programs are TSRs, and in all such cases the program can be removed from memory by the <ALT><-> key combination.

A rare demo of some of the original viruses...

Download VIRSIM10.ZIP
BBS Viruses,

Back in the day there was viruses pretty rare but they where out there some where...

Almost hilarious was the word, today it's not anything of the kind with the Internet the real viruses are coined...

We never encountered one, although today they are common place...

One of the best simulations of some of the orgiinal virus programs written was the Virus Simulation Suite it had the following TSR "Terminate Stay Resident" applications that gave the user a example of what the original viruses did do...

Cascade virus (standard activation)
Cascade virus (display only)
Denzuk virus - single shot display
Jerusalen (2) (Fu Manchu) virus
Jerusalen (2) (Fu Manchu) virus - single shot
Jerusalen (2) (Fu Manchu) virus (censored)
Italian virus (standard activation)
Italian virus (display only)
Jerusalem (1) virus
Music virus
Music virus (minimum delay)

Yankee Doodle virus (standard activation)
Yankee Doodle virus (display only)

BBSing may have started it, but what you have today is where the Internet lit up the sky...

the BBS Xchange
the BBS Xchange