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Bulletin Board Systems, Door Programmers and Software Programmer related sites may link directly to either by Logo, Banner Ad or Text Link. We will make every attempt to link back to your site, just notify us of the link. is dedicated to every user that every logged on to a bulletin board system, from the programmers that designed them, to the SysOp's that ran them, and to the users that joined them. It's as simple as this (period). believes in the free exchange of information through out the internet. is dedicated to education, learning and awareness of all aspects of computers from history to programming. is a child safe site, meaning there is no content online that we feel is unsafe. If we find content that we feel is unsafe we will remove it and or the user. If you find content online that you feel is unsafe notify us. Although, we believe in the First Amendment there is a line, " we will draw the line in the sand". is not a capital venture, this is a hobby like the hobby of BBSing was (period).

COPPA compliance, we do not collect any user information or personal information only in the event of a game contest like we held back in the realm
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COPPA statement, is more geared to a audience that is prior to most people on the Internet today, Funeral Quest is the only online game we run that is more geared to todays enviroment. All other games on this site are Ansi/Ascii/Rip based applications although still transmitted through the TCP/IP protocol.

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