Year was 1981,

IBM on the scene with the latest and greatest machine that caused the death of the CP/M machines.

The 8088 led the way for today, with the processor the platform the enviroment. That created it all, the IBM 8088
was the start and the finish to the personal computers.

Today they are the bench mark for all others to follow, they
set the standard back then with options and configurations that today are considered common place.

This was the first personal computer to set the path and what made IBM, what it is today...
Some of the specifications for the IBM 5150 was built in language IBM Basic, Full Stroke 'clicky' 83 Keyboard and 10 Key, CPU speed 4.77 MHZ, Optional Math Coprocessor, Ram 64KB, Rom 64KB, Colors Monocrome/CGA, Sound Tone Generator Speaker

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