January 2008
Welcome to,

Whats always nice about running one of these now a days is simply walking away from it for a while then coming back to it.

The web is fine and all, but to be completely honest it's about boring once you have surfed from one corner of it to the other it's about pointless. There is so much garbage online it's pure insanity.

Sometimes me and a few of my bro's wonder if there is anything left to see on the world wide mess. Sure someone will throw something up for a few good laughs sooner or later.

While there is good points online there is also a mass amount of complete and utter stupidty and pointless crap.

One thing I do like is the ability to interact with people from around the globe I must say that's been a eye awakening experience in itself. That's the part of the internet I enjoy, it's like the Discovery Channel in that aspect so it keeps me interested. I guess that's all I really ever liked was learning in the first place. Well and glueing a few staplers to people's desk sounds like a good time also (g).

In any case, a new look to has arrived - overtime I'll mess with it more.

Happy New Year to anyone, laterz -woot!