Year was 1977,

Tandy TRS-80 Model I was one of the first home personal computer, renamed by competitors the "Trash 80".

It came with Basic 1, it used a black and white television set or a monitor sold seperately. Each piece of the setup was
a extra, like the expansion interface which added a lot of features like 16 or 32kb Ram, two tape unit connectors, a printer port, a floppy disk controller, a serial port and a real time clock.

The floppy disk unit was also a addon, that provided TRS DOS.
Some of the specifications for the TRS-80 Model I was built in language Basic Level 1, Keyboard 53 Keys, CPU speed 1.77 MHZ, Ram 4K, Vram 1 kb, Rom 4kb, Colors Monocrome, Operating System TRS Dos

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